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Substance abuse treatment at Aspen Grove Counseling is based on the idea that people can and do recover. In addition, we want to ensure that treatment is individually tailored to meet each person's specific needs. Substance abuse treatment at Aspen Grove Counseling begins with a thorough assessment of the client's unique situation. This assessment serves to determine whether or not Aspen Grove is the most appropriate place for the client's treatment. In our practice, we can provide substance abuse treatment at the standard outpatient level, which entails one to two 50-minute sessions of individual therapy per week. If it is determined that the client's needs will best be served by a higher level of treatment, the client will be assisted with referrals to agencies with the appropriate services such as detoxification, intensive outpatient, and/or inpatient treatment.

If it is determined that Aspen Grove Counseling can provide the best services for the client, the initial focus of treatment will be on assisting the client in stopping the abuse of substances and achieving some degree of stability in her or his life, if this has not already occurred. The underlying philosophy of substance abuse treatment in our practice is that substance abuse is an unhealthy means of getting legitimate needs met. The early stages of treatment also address the identification of these needs and developing healthy, alternative coping and stress management skills in order to prevent relapse and to enhance overall quality of life.

The second phase of treatment involves identifying and working through underlying issues that are connected to the substance abuse. This may involve working on childhood trauma issues, developing an authentic identity, learning to express emotions and to be assertive in a healthy way, and establishing a positive support network. As the client experiences resolution of these underlying issues and succeeds in developing a more meaningful and fulfilling life, we move into the final stages of substance abuse treatment which focuses on helping the client to maintain the positive gains and progress that he or she has made. At this point, therapy may become less frequent and eventually will move to an as-needed basis.

If you have questions regarding substance abuse treatment at Aspen Grove Counseling, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Mountain, Ph.D. at 801-581-0422, extension 5 or

Our therapists who specialize in treating substance abuse:
Lisa Mountain, PhD
Lee Beckstead, PhD