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As a licensed clinical social worker, I work with couples, individuals, and adolescents in both an individual and family setting. I have been with Aspen Grove Counseling since 2003, and my areas of interest include trauma, anxiety and depression, loss and grief, parenting, and family and relationship issues. I am committed to seeing my clients live full and thriving lives by helping them overcome obstacles, achieve personal empowerment, and maintain healthy and satisfying relationships. I think it is very important to tailor each session to meet individual needs, and my goal is to work closely with each client directly to make a successful treatment plan. My experience includes counseling at The Family Support Center in Salt Lake City, and at Aurora Mental Health in Colorado. At both agencies, I enjoyed working with clients from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of treatment goals.

I am a member of the National Association for Play Therapy, the National Association of Social Workers, and was a member of the Children's Trauma Treatment Network Intermountain West for its duration.

If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 801-581-0422 Ext. 4, or email me at stephaniebank@hotmail.com

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