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My work is focused on helping you change your life to more fully live the life you want in the way you want. Whether it's in your relationships, your parenting, your way of treating yourself, your eating behaviors, or your job, you may end up repeating negative patterns of behavior and feeling unhappy with the results. I believe that those behaviors exist for reasons, and without insight into the reason you hold a behavior, it is nearly impossible to change. Life change can be accomplished by understanding the reasons for negative behavior, and then finding ways to let go of undesirable behavior patterns.

What happens in our childhood has a tremendous impact on how we form our coping patterns. We can change our lives when we are able to understand the reasons for our behaviors, and so I specialize in helping you heal from childhood wounds.

I work with clients across a large range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, eating disorders, and relationship issues. I also work with parents to increase their parenting skills.

If you have questions, feel free to call me at 801-581-0422 Ext. 2, or email me at lindy.burton@gmail.com.

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