Do you ever wonder what it would be like to know others who are struggling with similar issues and to share with them such experiences? Do you wish that you had a more effective way of communicating with others and a more effective way of listening to the people in your world without becoming defensive? Do you wish you knew how to trust people more and how to get closer to them? Do you feel that you are in some way hiding who you are?

If your answer to some of these questions is yes, group work may be for you. Aspen Grove Counseling offers three therapeutic groups:

Men's Relationship Group
   Facilitator: Brigg Noyes, Ph.D -- 801-581-0422 Ext. 7
   Download the flyer for more information on the Men's Group

Resolving Spiritual, Sexual, and Social Conflicts Group
   Facilitator: Lee Beckstead, Ph.D -- 801-581-0422 Ext. 3
Download the flyer for more information on the Spiritual, Sexual, and    Social Conflicts Group

Women's Eating Disorder Group
   Facilitator: Lindy Burton, LCSW -- 801-581-0422 Ext. 2

Please phone the group facilitator for information on a group. Also, please be aware that an intake is required before joining a specific group.