Relationships are an important part of all our lives and can sometimes cause anxiety and unhappiness. Relationship counseling is focused on helping both of you identify the parts of your relationship that are causing distress and then determining how each of you can change the relationship dynamic in such a way as to decrease stress and increase satisfaction.

Common relationship issues include communication difficulties, infidelity, couple sexuality problems, parenting, finances, and remarriage/blended families. By exploring the couple dynamic, you can define how you want to move forward in your relationship with well defined goals and objectives. Increased understanding of your partner will bring emotional closeness and connection.

If your goal is to get married, then premarital counseling can increase the confidence that you both have to create a secure and supportive relationship. By increasing communication skills, resolving current issues, and looking ahead, you will decrease the probability of future marital difficulties.

Invest in the success of your relationship by exploring the potential you each have in creating a vibrant and satisfying partnership through relationship counseling.

Our therapists who specialize in treating couples:
Mark Burton, PhD
Lindy Burton, LCSW
Lee Beckstead, PhD
Brigg Noyes, PhD
Angela Jette-Swanson, PhD
Lisa Mountain, PhD
Stephanie Bank, LCSW