Throughout our lives, we all encounter situations that cause us distress. Many adults may feel an overwhelming and prolonged sense of sadness or helplessness when confronted with emotional situations that are difficult to resolve. Emotional difficulties can lead to a decrease in day to day functioning, both at home and in the workplace. Psychotherapy is an effective way of treating the emotional difficulties that many of us experience.

As you begin psychotherapy, it is important to understand your personal goals for the process. Common goals include getting to know yourself better, alleviating emotional pain, developing a more complete understanding of your psychological issues, establishing more effective coping mechanisms, and fostering a more accurate understanding of your past and what you want for your future. At the end of the therapy process, you will have a greater ability to build and maintain rewarding relationships, as well as gaining the emotional peace that comes from a more accurate understanding of your own strengths, needs, vulnerabilities, values, and goals.

Our therapists who specialize in helping adults:
Mark Burton, PhD
Lindy Burton, LCSW
Brigg Noyes, PhD
Angela Jette-Swanson, PhD
Stephanie Bank, LCSW
Lee Beckstead, PhD
Lisa Mountain, PhD